ThreeDee GmbH.

Making things real, before they are real.

ThreeDee GmbH.

Delivering quality real-time applications since 2014.

ThreeDee GmbH is dedicated to producing interactive 3D applications for a wide range of technologies.

From virtual- and augmented reality to traditional 3D desktop applications, our team pushes the boundaries in visual quality and immersive interactivity.

Our services include a thorough technological and conceptual consultation, ensuring long-term utility for our clients.

Use 3D technology for what it excels at: to experience unique virtual worlds, to convey information in a new way, to train employees and to make your corporate brand tangible.

Our Services.

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Tailor Made VR/AR

We develop virtual- and augmented reality applications that are purposefully tailored to the needs of our clients. Proper pre-production and well-refined concepts enable efficient project execution, our longstanding experience guarantees spectacular results.

Interactive Solutions

Cross-platform and interconnected, we create customized software solutions for our clients, such as specialized frameworks or configurators. Allow your customers and consumers to interact with your products in exciting new ways.

Digital Edutainment

Leverage the power of gamification. No other method offers a better way to educate your employees, connect with younger audiences and emotionalize your customer base. Track learning progress, automate feedback loops and profit from other benefits of interactive software.

Elegant UX.

Maximum approachability.

Coherent usability is often overlooked in software development due to the novelty of technology and inexperience of the parties involved. We make sure that everyone is able to put our software to use by keeping the barrier of entry as low as possible.

Proficient workflows.

Maximimum quality.

Our asset creation process is based on procedural workflows, photogrammetry and the latest rendering tech. True to life depictions of real-world objects become feasible and affordable due to our proficiency in conjunction with modern content creation tools.

True presence.

Maximum immersion.

Offering truly immersive experiences requires a combination of adequate user experience, impressive visuals, authentic sound design and realistic interactions. ThreeDee is able to provide all the required parts from a single source.


All Devices. No Compromise.

Interactive VR

3D App & Web

Mobile VR


The utilization of modern game engine technology allows our applications to be run on a broad spectrum of devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC, or web browsers.

Additionally, we author content with a cross-platform compatibility in mind, catering to the varying performance capabilities of the corresponding hardware.

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